Best Dedicated Server Hosting for 2014

As of
Rank Dedicated Host Dedicated Server Features Starting Price
• 4 Dedicated Server Plans Available
• Starts with 2 GB Memory, 2 x 250 GB HD, and 10 TB Bandwidth

• 5 Dedicated IPs
• 45-Day Money Back Guarantee, 24 hr. Phone Support

• Offers Essential, Advanced, and Elite Plans
• Starts with 2 GB Memory, 2 x 160 GB HD, and 1.5 TB Bandwidth
• 5 - 15 Dedicated IPs
• 90-Day Money Back Guarantee, 24 hr. Toll-Free Support

3 • Offers Both Single and Multi Processor Servers
• Starts with 1 GB Memory, 250 GB HD
• Each Server is Customizable
• 60-day Money Back Guarantee, 24 hr. Support
4 • 4 Dedicated Server Plans to Choose From
• Starts with 2 GB Memory, 2 x 80 GB HD, and 2 TB Bandwidth
• 5 Dedicated IPs
• 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, Phone and Email Support


About Dedicated Hosting

A dedicated server is a single computer in a network that is reserved for a single hosting account. In the web hosting business, dedicated hosting is a rented service, where the user rents out an entire computer along with the software and Internet connection.

Typically, a dedicated hosting plan would provide way more in resources than a shared or even a VPS account. A dedicated server is best for businesses that either host multiple high-traffic websites, or run database-intensive web applications that require the full resources of a server.