Top Web Hosting Services for 2011

Top Host has been reviewing and ranking the best web hosts since 2004. We have a proprietary method of ranking web hosting providers based on user feedback combined with the results of our own independent testing. Below are the current top web hosting companies ranked using our system.

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Rank Web Host Features Starting Price
• Unlimited Diskspace and Bandwidth
• 4500 Free Website Templates
• PHP, Perl, ASP, E-commerce Shopping Carts, MySQL
• 45-Day Money Back Guarantee, 24 hr. Phone Support

• Unlimited Diskspace, Bandwidth and Domains
• Free Sitebuilder and Templates
• PHP, Perl, E-commerce Shopping Carts, MySQL
• Anytime Money Back Guarantee, 24 hr. US-Based Support

• Host Multiple Domains and Websites
• Unlimited Plans Available
• PHP, Perl, E-commerce, Frontpage Extionsions, MySQL
• 90-Day Money Back Guarantee, 24 hr. Toll-Free Support

• Unlimited Diskspace and Bandwidth
• Free Domain and Site Building Tools
• Free Online Store and Security Suite
• Anytime Money Back Guarantee, 24 hr. US Phone Support

• Offers Cloud Hosting for Both Linux and Windows
• Unlimited Domains, Web Space, and Data Transfer
• PHP, Perl, ASP, .NET
• 30-day Money Back Guarantee, 24 hr. US-Based Phone Support

6 • Unlimited Diskspace and Bandwidth
• Free Domain Name for Life
• Offers Both Windows and Linux Plans
• 60-day Money Back Guarantee, 24 hr. Support
7 • Unlimited Websites, Diskspace, Domains, and Bandwidth
• Easy Installation of Many Applications
• PHP, Perl, MySQL, Microsoft Expression Support
• Money Back Guarantee, 24 hr. US Toll-Free Support
8 • Unlimited Space and Bandwidth, Free Domain
• Media Support Microsoft Silverlight, Streaming Video and Audio
• PHP, Perl, E-commerce, MySQL, Python, SSI, ASP
• 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, Phone and Email Support


• Free Domain Name, Unlimited Space and Bandwidth
• Linux and Windows Plans Available
• ASP.NET, PHP, Python, Perl, E-commerce

• 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, 24/7 Support

10 • Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth
• Free Domain Registration for All Accounts
• PHP, Perl, E-commerce, MySQL
• 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, 24/7 Support

About Web Hosting

All websites must reside on a computer somewhere that has a dedicated connection to the Internet. A web hosting company is simply a business that rents out space on computers to house other people's websites.

Any computer connected to the Internet can technically act as a server/host, but there are many reasons to have your site hosted with a professional web hosting company. Some of the benefits are:

In short, web hosting providers specialize in maintaining computers that serve web pages to the entire world. They run streamlined operations using good networks and state-of-the-art technology, and are therefore the best choice for most people who need a website.

The majority of sites on the Internet are housed on servers run by professional web hosts. But unfortunately, the quality of service varies widely, from marginal to excellent. To help you make the right choice, our site offers rankings and reviews of the top web hosts we have been able to find. We hope you take advantage of the web hosting rankings on this site as well the many reviews of individual hosting companies to help make an informed decision.